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Game deployment postponed.

In the meantime, get acquainted with
Emira : the first artificial intelligence that can talk without taboo about sex with you!
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In the first


For Adult

3D DOLLS is an adult multiplayer metaverse, based on the principle of "play to win."

Borrowing elements from multiple video games, films and cult series (Black Mirror, Ready Player One, Westworld, Upload, Hunger Games, Squid Game...), we weave a captivating plot and a rich story for the metaverse, all sprinkled with a hint of madness.

The activities are sure to arouse your amazement and electrify your curiosity!

1 - Choose your dolls

2 - Connect to the metaverse



Current output 2023


Virtual reality

Output Current 2024



Released 2024-2025

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Create friendships and rivalries,
Maybe you will meet your future partner,
Maintain a long-distance relationship,
Get a job,
Celebrate your union in the metaverse.
Compete against other participants in a variety of betting games!

An appreciation system like Black Mirror!
Gain the esteem of other participants in the metaverse and obtain invitations to special parties after collecting a certain number of likes.
Cross paths with porn actresses and influential personalities in the metaverse!

When you consume adult content online (games, subscriptions, advertisements), you contribute to mass consumption that generates billions of dollars. However, you don't get a single share...

At 3D-Dolls, we believe that the adult industry generates enough income for everyone! This is why we will operate as a company redistributing its profits to the holders of our NFTs.

Despite the availability and accessibility of all existing technologies, no one has yet created a censorship-free metaverse.

We resolved to create THE metaverse that everyone is impatiently waiting for!

It will present itself as a mix between the freedom of GTA Online, the role-play of Garry's Mod, and the management of Sims. (PC, VR & Smartphone)

NFT collection

3D-Dolls NFTs, beyond being collectible pieces of art, are integral constituents of the metaverse.

Get to know your dolls through a video game, just as if you were immersed in their world.


X boutique, Only-Fan models, X actresses, real clothes, other NFT projects, production house...

We continue to grow, driven by the enthusiasm and interest you show us.

Our Cryptocurrency

We plan to launch our own cryptocurrency eventually. It will open up the possibility of acquiring services in the metaverse, but also of receiving remuneration when your dolls are at work or when you win challenges between players.

A long-term vision

We start as a small group, driven by a large-scale and ambitious project.

Our team is, more than ever, stimulated and impatient to share with you the results of more than two years of work!

Clearly, the growth potential is unparalleled.

A video game

Our own 3D metaverse. 

It will promote meeting artificial intelligences or other players, the possibility of forming intimate relationships, as well as having fun through various "play to win" activities in the company of your friends.

An evidence aspires to design a metaverse that is both fun and beneficial for players. Equipped with the latest technological advances (VR Cardborad, Oculus, Unreal Engine, connected sex toys...), we were surprised to see that such a game had never been created. So, we decided to do it!

Emira Unique sabre 4k.png

3 - Meet your dolls


Enjoy various benefits
with an AI that accepts all your wishes:

Give your doll a personal touch by getting her outfits and jewelry from boutiques, or guiding her to the hair salon.

An intimate partner constantly at your disposal.

A virtual companion to your liking.

She works for you in the metaverse:
Accumulate $Dolly tokens, convertible into €/$!

Entertain your doll through various activities to increase her productivity at work.

Each doll (NFT) is sold in a limited edition and they are all resalable!

Impress other metaverse participants with a rare doll by your side.

A doll you have acquired accepts that you court other dolls.

4 - Explore the metaverse, Meet other players.