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How to buy a doll?

To buy an NFT you must have a phantom wallet. 

Nothing complicated don't worry.


1 - Create your Phantom Wallet

Phantom is one of the most widely used wallets in the cryptocurrency world.

It is free to use and installation takes less than 5 minutes.

Meeting on download the app.

Compatible with PC, IOS and Android.

Follow the steps that appearnt on screen.

French tutorial here:

English tutorial here:

Be sure to write down your passphrase.Do not reveal it to anyone!

No team members will ask you for your passphrase.

Emira - Common.gif

2 - Buy Solana

Open the Phantom app and click "deposit"

- For payment by credit card, choose "Buy with Moonpay"

- (Optional) For deposit via another Crypto account, click on "Solana" to get your receiving address.

Demo video in English here:²

Shota Common.gif

3 - Connect to the 3D-Dolls store


Meeting on SolSea

Click on "Connect" at the top rightfor stupidcter your Phantom Wallet.

Accept your wallet's connection tou site by clicking on "approve"

Choose the NFTs you like!


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