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Token launch postponed.

​ In agreement with our community, we have decided to postpone the launch of the token.

The game is still scheduled for September.

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NFT collection

Our NFTs, in addition to being collectible 3D works of art, are elements of the metaverse.

Meet your dolls in a video game as if you were there.


Boutique X, Only-fan Models, Actress X, Real clothes, other NFT projects, production house...


We are constantly growing in the face of the enthusiasm and interest shown in us.

Our Cryptocurrency

Our own cryptocurrency will be launched at the end of July. It will allow you to buy services in the metaverse but also during real 3D-Dolls singles parties.

Let's save some news for later...

A long-term vision

We are starting small, with a huge and ambitious project.

Our team is more than ever motivated and eager to show you the fruit of more than a year of work!

Let's face it: The potential for growth is simply monstrous.

A video game

Our own metaverse in 3D. 

it will allow you to meet AIs or players, have intimate relationships with them, but also to relax in several play to earn activities with your friends.

Economic model "non-ponzi"!

An evidence wants to create a fun and profitable metaverse for gamers. With all the technological means available to us (VR cardborad, Oculus, Unreal engine, connected Sextoys...) we were very surprised that such a game never saw the light of day.

Our partner pornstars

Dégradé Violet Bleu

Join our discord and...​

try to win

A Free Doll!



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3D DOLLS is an adult multiplayer play 2 earn Metaverse.  

Inspired by several popular video games, films, and series, (Black Mirror, Ready player One, Westworld, Upload, Hunger games, Squid Game...) We develop a plot and a story around the metaverse by adding a touch of spice .  


The activities are sure to surprise you!  

- Collect the dolls,

- Make them work so that they earn you tokens ($Dolly),

- enjoy a girlfriend experience to the most intimate.

(VR AND Sextoys connected!)

Exchange your tokens for dollars!

- Win gifts for your dolls at the carnival.

- Participate in virtual evenings, meet personalities!

- Organize your one-man-show, concert and conference

(free or paid according to the choice of the artist).

Connected sex toys for men & women!

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Buy, Meet, Win!

In addition to a doll at your service,

You receive for each NFT a share of the expenses made in the metaverse.

In other words: far from classic play to earn games and their Ponzi economic model, works more like a company that redistributes part of its profits.

Become a shareholder by holding our NFTs or our tokens.


- Create a realistic, fun and profitable universe for players.

- Trivialize remote VR sex between real players.

- Helping long distance relationships = Abolish phone sex.

- Allow shy people to practice before going live.

- Allow people who are victims of mockery or prejudice to have relationships.

(Disabled, Accident victim, Disfigured people, Discrimination Religion or skin color)

- Allow women to meet without any physical danger.

- Put men, women and ethnic origins on an equal footing

- Encourage "living together despite our differences" by including Dolls of all origins.

- Satisfy the fantasy of some men in need and -perhaps- Avoid sexual assault in the world.

- Create a collection of clothing available in the metaverse and reality!

- Create a collection of jewels available in the metaverse and reality!

- Allow artists & influencers to express themselves on Meta-Scène. (and radios).

- Allow NFT artists to exhibit their creations at the museum.

- Sale of a maximum of 50 plots for companies or people with an idea to bring to the games


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